The CORE POWER - spring and summer development program is designed for rapid hockey skills enhancement.

Designed to provide elite-level hockey players with the off-season training they need to remain at the top of their sport - the CORE POWER coordinated hockey enhancement program is unlike any other program available.

CORE POWER focuses on the three most important facets of hockey - Power Skating, Hockey Skills and Physical Fitness providing a comprehensive program for improving all areas of your game.

Our maximum ratio of 8:1 athletes to instructors provides individual attention in a variety of challenging on and off-ice exercises.

All skating and skill development programs are available on a team, group, or individual basis.

Millrise RPO
PO Box 76111
Calgary, AB T2Y 2Z9

We emphasize the mechanics of skating and then apply that knowledge to other aspects of hockey such as passing, shooting, and puck handling. The most important skill of any hockey player is the ability to skate efficiently and powerfully. The ultimate goal is to have each player executing drills as quickly with the puck as without.

  • Turning
  • Explosive Starts
  • Pivots
  • Forward & Backward Crossovers
  • Correct Body Position
  • Striding
  • Edge Work
  • Over Speed Training (elastics)
  • Balance & Agility
  • Stops
  • Quickness and Speed Development
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All aspects of Core Power's On-Ice program emphasizes largely on learning explosive power, efficiency of movement, speed, agility, and quickness all with a puck. Once these skills are developed, a progression into game like drills will be incorporated through competitive confined space and controlled game like situations.

  • Footwork Drills
  • Passing & Receiving Drills
  • Read & React Drills
  • Controlled Game Like Situations
  • Quickness Drills
  • Shooting Drills
  • Flow Drills
  • Confined Space Drills
  • Individual Puck Control Drills
  • Forward/Defenseman Specific Drills
  • One on One's / Two on Two's
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Our off ice program will focus on strength, core stability, exercise technique, balance & movement skill foundations. Everything you need to jump to the next level in your hockey development. Our athletes will be challenged with balance & strength exercises as they learn to activate the "correct muscles sequences" in a game-like environment. Drills will become increasingly more competitive and involve reaction skills combined with movement. Anaerobic conditioning in a multi-directional setting will take you through to the third period.

All three facets of this program are interdependent! We want to take what you do well and make it better!

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